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Miscommunication; cross communication; implicit communication; severed communication. Our minds are flooded with various forms of communication, and are tasked with making sense of everything we hear and see. What is important? Relevant? Informative? Entertaining? Heart wrenching? Untrue? Grotesque? It’s enough to make us sick.


The Braintestines Project is a satirical commentary on the modern collective human experience: our insatiable sense of tribalism, our gluttonous anxiety, and our seemingly innate resistance to real change. To understand ourselves and grasp why we understand things (or don’t) as we do (or don’t), depends on how well we can identify where we stand in a large and complex set of interrelationships and contexts. A system both loose and mammoth, intricate and miniscule.


Systems operate in neurology, biology, computer networking and transit, to name just a few. And in every system, to change one part is likely to affect the roles and behaviors of many parts, and so the whole. As systems develop and age, they appear to proceed through a regular set of stages. Beginning in disorderly fashion, with few parts concrete and defined, they soon become more structured and defined. And then they become rigid, powerful, before they disintegrate or become obsolete. 

And thus, we connect our brain to our colon, and see one system operate as a beautiful metaphor for many. It begins as promise, and ends, as shit.

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