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The Rebus Project is an ongoing artistic endeavor consisting of charcoal drawings and motion graphic videos featuring rebus-style puzzles. Engaging in the practice of generating and sketching these puzzles serves as a somewhat cathartic process, providing a means to grapple with and assimilate the world that envelops us. As a lifelong educator with a profound affinity for language, iconography, and the gratification derived from learning, discovery, or puzzle-solving, I am propelled by these elements. This impetus extends to exploring and exploiting socially charged subjects and political hypocrisy.


The process is driven by clever word selection and placement on the page, shaping the compositions which sometimes contain more than one meaning & solution. These puzzles evolve into vehicles for social commentary, thought-provoking humor, or sardonic observations, ultimately converging into meaningful expressions. Upon deeper reflection, the viewer will discern that the concept of a definitive "solution" relinquishes its absoluteness, transforming into the focal point of a more compelling personal quest.


The notion that a work of art inherently embodies an intellectual puzzle, proffered to humanity, resonates deeply with me. In these drawings, a self-referential quality emerges, evolving into parodies of themselves – drawings of puzzles nested within puzzles. 

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